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Bora Weber

use your power girl – cycle tracker

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twelve cards to track your cycle for one year – or use a pencil and use it several times. but keep the filled cards for a year so that you can compare them to see how you feel at each phase of your cycle. the aim is, that you can forecast your energy level and know when to plan a day home alone or to fill your calendar with appointments, or when to plan an important and intensive project.

how to use
start each card with day one of your period – add the date. use one word to describe your mood of a day, or track your temperature, or do both. you can mark a little point on the temperature scale close to the white line and write the word on the white line.

if you want to know more about your cycle and how to turn it into power please read the book “period power” by maisie hill. she inspired me to make this tool.

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Größe 85 × 55 cm